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REVIEW: Cotton Candy Grapes

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Cotton Candy Grapes Product Review

I knew there were many varieties of grapes (because there're so many varieties of wines) but I didn't know there were more varieties to consume for pleasure aside from the regular black, green and red grapes.

I came across this variety while shopping at Sprouts in Thousand Oaks, CA. The bag claims "These Cotton Candy grapes really do taste like cotton candy! What a fun, healthy way to enjoy everyone's favorite flavor from the fair. Let me know if you agree. - Jack Pandol".

I smelled inside the bag and it did smell like cotton candy along with the sweetness of the grapes. For $3.99 a pound, I grabbed the smallest bag to try them out. The color and shape are similar to green grapes and they are seedless. The aroma was enticing and the flavor was sweeter than red grapes. In my opinion, they do not "taste" like cotton candy to me but the are much sweeter than I expected. Another reason why I liked these grapes is because they are sustainably grown and NON-GMO.

I consumed half of them in 15 minutes because they were that tasty. I do recommend these grapes because they are a wonderful and healthy alternative to candy, especially to children. There are many ways to cook with grapes these days, aside from a cold fruit salad that I grew up and learned from family recipes. Below are some recipes that I have found for you to try and enjoy.

Grape Salad by Trisha Yearwood
Green Grape & Avocado Quinoa Salad by Katie Lee
Seared Duck Breast with Grape Sauce by Anne Burrell

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