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REVIEW: Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins | Thousand Oaks, CA

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Lassens has a nice hot and cold bar that serves fresh, organic and non-gmo (as much as possible) meals. Priced at $7.99/lb, I considered this as a good deal because of the healthy options. I was surprised that they served breakfast so I decided to try it out.

There were the usual options of breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, and even hot oatmeal. But I needed something quick and able to eat while driving on the road. Finding the breakfast burrito was a wonderful option. I also wanted coffee without going out of my way to a cafe since I was on a time crunch. I decided to get their ice mocha as well from their Juice/Coffee Bar.


This is located in their hot bar, individually wrapped and ready to go. It is priced by weight at $4.99/lb.

This was a large, heavy and grilled burrito. I ate 1/2 of this for breakfast and the rest for my mid-afternoon snack. It was warm and tasty, the scrambled eggs and hash browns were moist, but a side of mild salsa would have made it more flavorful. The cheese also gave it more moisture and the turkey bacon gave it a slight saltiness and crunchiness.

Burrito Card Description from the hot bar:
"Cage-free eggs, natural cheddar cheese, hash browns, natural turkey bacon, flour tortilla (not gluten free)"

Price & Value
For the quality and quantity of food that I have received, this item was fairly priced. I have bought breakfast burrito's at many places and they're usually 1/3 less in size, not organic and/or non-gmo, and about $3-4. For an extra $1, I received a healthy and good size meal.


The first person who made this for me a few weeks ago made it with chocolate hemp milk so I requested it again. They add chocolate syrup, but it settles down to the bottom of my cup so I had to stir and shake it a few times. I'm not sure if they forget to stir the chocolate syrup when they make it or they just add it to the bottom of the cup so that I had to do it.

This is a delicious drink. The last person told me that she made it with chocolate hemp milk and I would have never guessed because it was just as good as any franchise ice mocha that I buy. Though I would have preferred that it was mixed well so that when I took a sip, it would not just taste like coffee or have a mouthful of chocolate syrup (because my straw goes all the way to the bottom). I wanted that perfect sip of coffee and chocolate.

Price & Value
I have bought this drink at the same size and the pricing is inconsistent ($3.19 for 16oz). It's off by $0.25-$0.50. I'm not sure why that keeps happening, but it is still competitively priced among the franchised cafes located in Thousand Oaks. Lassens also offers more non-dairy substitutes than other cafes. I just make sure that I inform the cashier the cup size and I pay attention to the price that they charge me.

I enjoy the food and drinks that I purchase from Lassens, especially since they have healthier options than most places. I will continue to buy their food as long as they keep up the high standards and quality of meals and drinks that they create.

2150 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
(805) 495-2609

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