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REVIEW: Paul Martin's American Grill | Westlake Village, CA

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Founder's Paul Fleming (founder of P.F. Chang's China Bistro & Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar) and Brian Bennet (business partner), envisioned a farm-to-table restaurant that served dishes made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients prepared well and offered at accessible prices. Their motto "Seasonal & Delicious" are inspired throughout their menu. They work with sustainable fisheries, free-range and natural meats and poultry, artisan cheeses, local and/or organic fruits and vegetables. Not known to be completely organic, they use local farmers first before using organic produce when possible.

Grilling is one of their main concepts. They use better products, seasonal, grilled foods which have less fats and creams. It gives the diners a lot of healthier cooking benefits and tasty food. They also create artisanal cocktails made with house-infused spirits, crafted beers and a selection of over 100 wines.
Fun Fact: Who is Paul Martin? Paul Fleming's middle name.
I came here for the first time for lunch with my husband. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to dine at their outdoor patio. It was a Sunday afternoon around 4:00 pmand we had no reservations. The indoor restaurant was not full but the outdoor patio was half way seated with patrons.

We were seated quickly and was taken care of a very nice and knowledgeable waitress named Kelly C. She had such a lovely demeanor and welcomed us warmly when I told her it was our first time. She proceeded to tell us the concept of Paul Martin, which was a scratch made kitchen that utilizes local, sustainable and organic foods as much as possible. Since my first assumption of this restaurant was that it was high end and expensive, I was pleasantly surprised by that description and the reasonanle prices in the menu.

After we ordered, we were given complimentary sourdough bread and creamy salted butter.
The bread was soft with dense and spongy texture but it was a bit bland for my taste. When I spread the salted butter on it, it made bread more delectable. The butter was smooth and creamy with sea salt crystals throughout.


My Meal
Ice Tea $3.50
Fresh brewed and delicious but just needed 2 packets of sugar and a fresh lemon wedge to make it perfect. Complimentary refills throughout my meal.

Macaroni & Cheese $6.00
Menu Description: Tillamook 2 year aged white cheddar, baked with crispy la quercia prosciutto

This is a side dish but I wanted this as my appetizer. Served hot with smooth and creamy cheese sauce throughout, pasta cooked al dente, crunchy topping (I didn't know what this consisted of, reminded me of panco and parmesan) and tossed with crispy, salty la quercia prodciutto. This dish was not heavy like most macaroni and cheese dishes that I've had and they also added fresh herbs lightened the flavor.

Marinated Skirt Steak $27.00
Menu Description: Grilled sweet potatoes, maple bourbon glaze, dressed arugula
*Replaced the grilled sweet potato with roasted cauliflower, extra $2.50

Skirt steak was cooked to order of my request of medium rare. This was very well seasoned with the delicious marinade throughout the meat, fork tender, juicy and not chewy. Though I would have appreciate a sauce to accompany it, I dipped my morsals in my husband's horseraddish sauce instead.

Pan Roasted Cauliflower
I love cauliflower so I was looking forward to this side dish. Roasted with garlic cloves, lemon juice, and garnished fresh parmesan and parsley. It was a delicious combination by itself and when combined with my skirt steak, the textures and flavors gave it a balanced bite.

Arugula Salad
Fresh and peppery, tossed lightly in olive oil. It was a nice flavor and texture when eaten with the skirt steak because it cut the slight heaviness from the meat.

My Husband's Meal
Sunday Prime Rib 3 Course Dinner $25.00

Paul Martin by DineSavorRepeat

Organic Green Salad - 5/5 Rating
This is their house salad tossed with their house vinaigrette. The vegetables were fresh and crispy. It consisted of spring mix salad with red onions, cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds. In one bite, the texture and flavors were all balanced. It was sweet, salty, soft, crunchy, and it was not heavily dressed in their vinaigrette.

All natural Prime Rib with Mashed Potatoes and Horseradish Sauce - 5/5 Rating
Cooked to order, a large and generous slice of prime rib dominated half the plate. With a roasted, dark crust, beef fat still attached to the meat to give its unctuous flavour, and till oozing of its juices with some au jus which spread itself on the plate.

Accompanied with creamy mashed potatoes garnished with fresh chives, a little bland but eating it with the prime rib and au jus made it delicious.

Aside from the au jus, it also came with a Horseraddish Cream Sauce that was unexpected not spicy. It was smooth and cool but the heat and spice from the horseraddish made my mouth and sinuses zing. Since I am sensitive to spices, I was surprised that it stayed for about 20 seconds and disappated as I kept continuing eating. This was a well made sauce for this dish.

Homemade Ice Cream - 5/5 Rating
To compete this meal, my husband was served home made ice cream. It usually comes with 3 flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. My husband opted to have all strawberry. This was served in a large bowl and garnished with fresh sliced strawberries and 2 short bread cookies. At first I wasn't sure if this was strawberry because it wasn't pink but when I tasted it, it was a refreshing bite of ripe strawberries and cream. I appreciate that they didn't add any artificle such as food coloring or any additives. Unfortunately I didn't get to taste the short bread cookies because my husband consumed it before I had a chance to take a bite. But he enjoyed it.

I believe the price was fair for our meal, with the exception of charging me extra for my vegetable substituion for my dish and the banana cream pie. The Sunday Prime Rib Dinner for $25 was an excellent deal and they surpassed our expectations with the quality of food that they served.

I did not like that they charged me extra for the substitution for my dish. Since I substituted sweet potatoes for roasted cauliflower (vegetable for vegetable), I believe I should have not been charged extra. If I ordered a side pasta or something that's not comparible to what I switched it with, then I will agree to an extra charge. In my future dining experience, unfortunately will not substitute anything which is a shame.

The banana cream pie in my opinion was over priced by $3. I can buy a delicious dessert of the same size and pay $5-7. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering this again if the price stays the same. As delicious as it is, it was not worth the $10 price.

The Host staff was very nice and friendly. Since it was a bit slow, we were seated quickly with no issues.

Our waitress Kelly C. was wonderful, great demeanor, professional and knowledgable. She checked on my husband and I frequently, answered any questions that I had, refilled our drinks, and brought our meals in a timely manner. I always appreciate when the wait staff packs up my left overs for me. I find it uncouth when I'm given the boxes and a to go bag after the money that I spend at nice restaurants.

I also appreciate when the Manager(s) checks on their patrons to make sure that they are enjoying their meal or have any questions. At the end of our meal, the Manager came over to take my payment and showed me their restroom.

Located in the Westlake Village Promenade, there is plenty of free parking.

4.5/5 Rating
My husband and I would come back, especially to take advantage of their daily specials.
I would have given a 5/5 Rating if the some of the prices of what I commented on would get fixed.

100 S. Westlake Blvd.
Westlake Village, CA. 91362
(805) 373-9300

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