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REVIEW: Spear Steak & Seafood Restaurant | Los Angeles, CA

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From the Michael Kwan-backed/owner(s) of the Wokano chain and formerly known as Le Ka restaurant, comes a revamped restaurant now known as Spear Steak & Seafood, located in the heart of the Financial District in downtown Los Angeles.

Le Ka lasted about 2 years before being transformed to Spear Steak & Seafood. Food Critics and diners alike were confused to what Le Ka was supposed to be. Jonathan Gold from LA Times described it as "one of those places difficult to figure out" and "is a modern French bistro trapped in  the body of a nightclub". Besha Rodell from LA Weekly commented that the "restaurant's menu is overly ambitious and service is spotty".

Spear Steak & Seafood offers traditional steak & chops as well as Asian inspired seafood raw dishes. This what caught my attention when I was looking for a new steak house to try that also offered seafood. The restaurant also had good online reviews which helped in determining my decision to try this place. I came here with my business partner to enjoy their dinner menu.

Truffle Slider $10 - 5/5 Rating
Beef Patty, mushrooms, baby arugula, truffle
(2) pieces - portioned enough to share with 2 people
The buns were soft, dense and toasted. The beef patty was cooked medium rare and juicy. The mushrooms were cooked properly and fresh baby arugla was also inside of it. I don't know where they added the truffle but the sliders were delicious. As I bit into them, they were so tender that the juice from the meat came out. I believe the truffle was cooked with the mushrooms or added inside the beef patty but I'm not sure. The textures and flavors were balanced in one bite.

Lobster Slider $16 - 5/5 Rating
Cold dressed main lobster, baby arugula, truffle salt

(2) pieces - portioned enough to share with 2 people
My business partner had this appetizer and ate both sliders. He said that the textures were similar to the Truffle Slider but the lobster melted in his mouth as he ate it. He enjoyed the warm slider bun with the cold lobster and baby arugula, it was a new texture experience for him and tremendously enjoyed it.

Chilean Sea Bass $28 - 5/5 Rating
My business partner had this entree. He was amazed that the fish just melted in his mouth. He loved the opaque, firm texture and the crispy skin. He said that it was seasoned well with a soft but firm flesh. The grilled lemon enhanced the fish (he squeezed the juice over it), giving it a bright citrus flavor. The small salad that accompanied it was interesting but tasty. He said that it reminded him of sauerkraut with a sweet and sour dressing. When he ate it with the fish, all the flavors and textures were nicely balanced. He would order this again.

Australian Lamb Chops $32 - 5/5 Rating
I always love lamb when I see it in the menu. If cooked properly, it should melt in my mouth. This entree did just that.
I ordered it medium rare, a little too rare in the middle when I received it but I like it that way. The lamb had a delicious peppery-herb crust and as I took my first bite, it melted in my mouth. Not chewy, it dissolved in just a few bites. I also dipped it in their accompanied sauce. I'm not sure what it is but it tastes like a thick, teriyaki au jus with a touch of sweetness and thyme. I was very impressed with the combination. The few sauces that I have had with my lamb in other restaurants, they did not combine well but this particular sauce did.

Charred Brussels Sprouts $10 - 5/5 Rating
Charred Brussels Sprouts w/bleu and walnuts
When I ordered this, I wasn't sure what to expect. I never had brussels sprouts with bleu cheese and/or walnuts so this was an interesting change. This dish also came came with cut red grapes, which was not mentioned in the menu. I was hesitant to try it because I usually do not eat grapes that's combined in dishes (aside from a fruit salad) but I'm glad that I did. The sweetness from the grapes were balanced by the warm charred sprouts, tangy bleu cheese and nuttiness from the walnuts. This was a well thought out and composed side dish.
Serves 2 people

Roasted Mushrooms $11 - 5/5 Rating
The mushrooms were properly cooked. They were soft yet dense, more of an al dente texture and not chewy. I'm not sure what sauce they cooked it or tossed it with but it tasted like a light soy sauce with a touch of sweetness and thyme. It was a tasty addition to our entrees.
Serves 2 people.

Baked Idaho Potato $7
A giant potato was served to us, the size of a box of checkbooks. It was unseasoned but cooked properly. Dense and firm but broke apart easily with a fork. Accompanied with sour cream, chives and crispy chopped bacon bits. One of the better baked potatoes that I have had in a restaurant.
Serves 2 people
All of our food came out hot. Even after I was taking pictures and they have been sitting for awhile (we were also in the outdoor patio on a chilly evening), they were still warm and delicious.

The offerings for dessert were minimal and sounded plain. My waitress recited them to me since she said that they did not have a printed menu. At this time, I decided to pass since they didn't sound appetizing to me. I suggest to the restaurant to have a printed dessert menu with tasty descriptions.

I ordered 2 bottles of Pellegrino at $7 each. I did not order an alcoholic beverage at this time.

For the type and the amount of food that I received, the price was justified. I believed I paid a fair price for the food as well as the good customer service and relaxing ambiance.

5/5 Rating
This is a stylish restaurant with high ceilings, polished stainless steel open kitchen and wood floors, large stone fire place in the outdoor entrance and a glass wall fire place located in the back patio, and large windows that open towards the high rise buildings of downtown Los Angeles.

We sat at the outdoor patio because the noise level was much lower than sitting inside the restaurant. What surprised us was the comfortable leather couches and low tables. There were dining tables and chairs to choose from but since we never encountered this before, we decided to give it a try. We chose the couches next to the fireplace that was fixated in their wall. This kept us warm from the chilly evening. The glow from the fireplaces and tall heaters gave a romantic atmosphere. The view of high rise buildings gave it a "Gotham City" look which was a nice change of scenery. The music that played was a bit loud but not over bearing and they played a nice variety.

4.5/5 Rating
I made reservations prior to my arrival. I spoke with a nice and bubbly hostess who was informative. Since I didn't know what time I will be arriving, she suggested to make a reservation just in case. I arrived at 10pm but my reservations were at 10:30pm. I expected to wait but they were able to seat myself and business partner quickly.
Our waitress was attentive, informative and had a pleasant demeanor. There were always bus people taking away our dirty dishes to make room on our table and they were not intrusive or annoying. I would have given 5/5 if our waitress packed our left overs instead of me packing it. With the amount of money that I spent, this is a service that I expect at the end of my meal.

Valet parking is available in the same building, look for the parking sign for Spear.
They offer validation for 2 hours but after 7pm, it is a flat rate of $7 which is cash only.

5/5 Rating
I will definitely return & recommend this restaurant.
Their menu online is different from the menu in the restaurant. If you have special dietary needs, call ahead to make sure that they can accommodate you.

800 W. 6th Street
Ste. 100
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 688-3000

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