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REVIEW: Tifa Chocolate & Gelato | Westlake Village, CA

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This is a very cute little cafe inside a plaza called the The Shoppes in Westlake Village, CA. I came upon this as I was walking to my car after my lunch a few weeks ago. This cafe is not large by width but its long and has only a few tables, chairs and 1 community table in the entire cafe. Extra seating is located just outside. What's interesting about this place is even though it's small, it feels quite spacious with the vaulted ceilings and hanging lights. It's very comfortable with almost a slight cottage feel because the walls are beige in color and 1/3 of it is covered in wood panels. Their shelving units are also made of wood which gives it a rustic feel. The atmosphere makes it feel like an open space English Cottage which is nice.

In the middle of the cafe is where they serve their gelato's, coffee and other decadent treats. Whether it's their display case full of cookies, brownies and pies, or the other display case full of artful pieces of chocolate and the corner nook that sells a plethora of items, nick nacks, and more tasty treats.
They offer free WiFi, light music and very friendly customer service.

Lemon Cookie $1.00
This is a moist, dense cookie that's a cross between a lemon bar with a crunchy meringue on top. About 2" in diameter, it's a very tasty treat. Not over sugary sweet or very tart. A balanced morsel that goes well with their coffee.

Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.00
This is a thick, moist, and dense cookie with a cake like texture and chocolate chip chunk morsels throughout the cookie. Not very sweet yet I can taste a hint of brown sugar or molasses. Quite delicious when I dunked it in my coffee.

Mocha Coffee $3.95 (small)
This is a delicious concoction of bittersweet chocolate and coffee. Made with whole milk, the balance of chocolate bitterness and espresso was captured perfectly in my first sip. Usually if my coffee is too bland or bitter, I would need to add sugar. In this case I didn't have to.

It's a very nice place that serves great coffee and desserts with a family friendly atomosphere. Family owned and operated. I recommend this cafe.

28888 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 879-0685
(Original Location)

30760 Russel Ranch Rd.
Ste. A
Westlake Village, CA 91361
(805) 796-1893
(Second Location)

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