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Sarita's Pupuseria Review | Los Angeles, CA

Food Journalist / Critic: Jesse Watrous
Food Photographer: Jesse Watrous
Review Date: December 22, 2018

317 S. Broadway
Ste. E-5
Los Angeles, CA. 90013

I’m always searching for tasty Salvadoran cuisine and there was a food stall inside the Grand Central Market that served pupusas, as well as fried chicharrones (pork) and fried plantains (a type of banana). I’ve dined here several times this year and have ordered my favorites on this visit. I found this food stall as I was walking around Grand Central Market.

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling.

This food stall offered several different types of fillings and usually with cheese (not mentioned in the menu). I requested not to have cheese in any of mine due to dietary reasons.

Chicharron Pupusa (Pork)
The pork was tasty but there wasn’t a lot of it and was mostly the corn tortilla, which was a bit bland. I cut the pupusa in half and stuffed it with some of the fried chicharron that I ordered as my side dish. Since it was a little bit greasy, it added a lot of flavor as well as crunch due to its texture.

Pollo Pupusa (Chicken)
This was flavorful with the ground chicken and what looked like a few vegetables and spices.

They make the pupusas fresh to order and you can watch them make and cook them.

Fried Chicharron (Pork)
I was craving this particular side dish. I’ve ordered it before and they gave a large portion, enough that can be shared. It’s thickly cut, fried, the meat is not too dry, crispy pork skin and greasy from the fat. I can’t eat a lot of this in the same sitting due to the grease but its a tasty accompaniment to the pupusas.

Fried Plantains (Bananas)
A plantain is a different type of banana and comes in different sizes. They have a firm texture and are more starchier than a typical banana. They’re fried so they become tender. My side order was okay but still tasty. Some of the bananas were soft and sweet, while the rest were hard and I was unable to eat them.

Their menu offers a variety of dishes, a few that I still want to try but when I visit Grand Central Market, I always lean towards the pupusas and fried chicharron. When I try something new, I will have an updated review.

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