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Ground House Burger introduces Fry Roulette | Irvine, CA

Photo By Ground House Burger Instagram
December 24, 2018

Ground House Burger
2222 Michelson Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 257-2485

I was searching through my Instagram for new restaurants to try when I came upon this post. I've never seen an appetizer this big before and its quite interesting on how they marketed this. I love playing roulette when I'm at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, so this caught my eye quickly.

I went to the restaurant's website so I can look at their menu but I was surprised that they didn't have one. They primarily were selling their merchandise with some information on a few food items, which included the Fry Roulette. 

A good place to search information for menus is Yelp. I read thru the comments and I was shocked at the price tag of this appetizer. $38

There were only 3 reviews on this appetizer as of December 23, 2018. I will revisit Yelp later to see if anyone else has reviewed this item.

Review from Yelp
Review from Yelp

I found their menu on the Trade Food Hall website, where their business is located. It only had a list of their menu items but NO prices. I find this annoying because I don't want to make a drive to an eatery and find out that they're expensive, like the Fry Roulette.

I would only order this if it was being shared with other people, as well as the cost of the meal. It is visually fun and appealing, but very expensive in my opinion. I also hope that there are more positive reviews on this item before I decide to pay them a visit.

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