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Ecstasy Pill found in child's Sonic Burger Meal | December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018
Article by: David Pescovitz

In Taylor, Texas an 11-year-old girl helpfully unwrapped her four-year-old brother's Sonic fast food burger and found what she thought was a piece of candy inside. Fortunately, she asked her parents before popping into her mouth. They took the "candy" to the Taylor Police Department who determined it was actually an Ecstasy pill


Officers took the restaurant's manager, Tanisha Dancer, into custody for a felony theft warrant from Guadalupe County. When she got to the Williamson County Jail, police said a female correctional officer searched Dancer and found three ecstasy pills hidden in her clothing.
Taylor police said they notified the Texas Department of Health, the restaurant's local owner and corporate Sonic. Police said the Sonic director of operations told them that they have now fired Dancer.

Two other employees were also arrested - one for marijuana possession and the other for outstanding warrants.

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Source: BoingBoing




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