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"Disgusting Food Museum" coming to Los Angeles

Cuy (Guinea Pig)
Photo By Disgusting Food Museum

December 4, 2018
Article by: David Pescovitz

Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum is opening a touring exhibition in Los Angeles's Architecture and Design Museum. The exhibit runs from December 9, 2018 to February 17, 2019. "What we find disgusting has to be learned - it's purely cultural," says curator/psychologist Samuel West. This is a fine opportunity to taste foods you've been curious about, like fermented shark, durian, maggot-infested cheese, bull penis, or mouse wine.

Fruit Bat
Photo By Disgusting Food Museum

Bull Penis
Photo By Disgusting Food Museum

...American favorites such as root beer and Jell-O salad sit in the museum alongside fried tarantula and cooked guinea pigs. "If you give root beer to a Swede they will spit it out and say it tastes like toothpaste, but I think it's delicious," he notes...
While many food-related "museums" of late have mostly just been opportunities for novel selfies, West is adamant that the Disgusting Food Museum is there to help people learn and think critically, not just to pose for photos. The downside? "One of my worries that it will start stinking in here," West says.

I am planning to visit this museum and will post a Review of my experience. They offer tastings of certain foods but I know there will be a few that I will not try.

From Disgusting Food Museum Website

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