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Food Review: Porto's Bakery and Cafe | Burbank, CA.

January 6, 2018
Journalist: Jesse Watrous
Photography: Jesse Watrous

I've dined at this cafe since 2014 and love several of their menu items. January 3rd was my first visit of the year at this location. I will post more reviews of their other items later on.

I was in the area so I had to stop by and nibble on their famous Cheese Rolls and tried their Orange Blast for the first time. Their pastries are always fresh so the lines in this cafe is 90% out the door (average of 50 people in 1 line and there's 2 lines), no matter what time of day. But the line moves quickly, which also means fresh items consistently being put out. I was fortunate that the line was short on my visit but quickly became filled since it was near lunch time.

Cheese Roll
Tender, flaky, crunchy, sweet, and had the correct amount of cheese. Always a perfect snack.

Orange Blast
I was in the mood for orange juice, so I decided to try this. It was tasty and reminded me of an Orange Julius. It was smooth and creamy, not too acidic and had a mild orange flavor and not too sweet. It was sooo good that I drank it too quickly and received a painful brain freeze.

I recommend both items. A tasty treat, made fresh, and fairly priced.

The restaurant is also large with seating inside and outside, large bathrooms, usually clean, organized, with plenty of staff and good customer service. Free parking in their small lot and on the streets.




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