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Food Commercial Jingles with Barry Manilow

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
January 3, 2018
Article By: Jesse Watrous

During the 1970's, famous singer Barry Manilow wrote, sang, and performed some of the catchiest jingles of that time and many still remember them.

Here are a few some of the food commercials that he was involved in:

KFC - “Grab a Bucket of Chicken”

Video Credit: Retrontario

McDonalds - "You Deserve A Break Today"

Video Credit: Mangomn2003

Pepsi - "Feelin' Free"

Video Credit: behindthecamera

"Spaghetti O's" 

Video Credit: D Heine

Manilow did other commercials that were not food related. This video interview talks about his work in the jingle industry:

Video Credit: HLN




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