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Food Review: Chili Burger from Astro Burger, West Hollywood, CA. | January 7, 2019

Photo By © Jesse Watrous of Dine.Savor.Repeat.
January 7, 2019
Journalist: Jesse Watrous
Photographer: Jesse Watrous

I've dined at this restaurant since 2015 and have several favorite items. This is the first time of tried their Chili Burger. I've had their other burgers and their chili before, so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed.

Chili Burger
This is a large burger for $6.18 (with tax).
It consisted of chili, burger patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, thousand island dressing, and bun. I added cheese and requested grilled onions instead of raw onions.

This is a hearty and tasty burger. The chili was not spicy and they added enough to cover the burger but they didn't overfill it where it would drip from the sides. The burger patty was moist and had a nice charred flavor. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and crisp. The bun was soft which they toasted so that added another layer of crunch.

A balanced burger in flavor and texture, I recommend this item. They do not offer combo's but adding a side of fries and soda will make it a complete and filling meal.

Photo By © Jesse Watrous of Dine.Savor.Repeat.

Photo By © Jesse Watrous of Dine.Savor.Repeat.

If you add other ingredients or make any changes, pay attention to how much they charge you. This Chili Burger is under $4 but I ended up paying $6.18. Even with Los Angeles tax, it shouldn't cost that much unless they charged me extra for the cheese and grilled onions (which I was not told when I placed the order).

This is a CASH ONLY restaurant and they have an ATM available. It's a spacious place with indoor/outdoor dining with a large screen tv outside but only music inside. They also have clean bathrooms and parking is available on their small lot or street parking. They give friendly and good customer service. If you come there often enough, they remember your face, name, and your favorite item.

Astro Burger
7475 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA. 90046
(323) 874-8041

Menu - This is provided by a 3rd party and may not be current.

Videographer / Video Editor: Jesse Watrous

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