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A Farmer's Market Experience

When I first experienced a farmer's market, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be enjoyable, tasting fresh produce, meeting the local farmers and other vendors but how can it be much different than buying from the grocery store?

Much to my delight, it was very different. I love exploring each stall to see what fresh produce did they brought and tasting the many samples they have for customers. When I have questions about their products, they are more than happy the answer. I also love that most of the farmers practice organic farming or they are certified organic farmers.

Along with the farmers, there are also other vendors that sells food items such as honey, farm raised proteins such as beef, chicken and fish, cheese purveyors, flowers/plants, and a few food/restaurant vendors such as bakeries, coffee/drink food trucks, and kettle popcorn to name a few.

I love bringing my daughter with me. Even though she is only 3 years old, I want to expose her this environment and as she grows older, teach her about the farming community and how important it is to support our local farmers, organic food, non-GMO, self sustaining food production and support local businesses.

Everyone should support our local farmer's and businesses, which in turn will help communities thrive and grow stronger.

To find a farmers market near you, search online for your city. Example: "Los Angeles Farmers Market".

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