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REVIEW: Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps


I came across this product in 2011, when someone had a sample in my gift bag from a health fair that I attended. The sample were the apple slices and I remembered that I liked it but hardly gave it another thought until I started shopping more frequently at the health food stores in 2012 and it was becoming a little bit more popular. Costco was also carrying them but offered a few flavors and it kept changing which frustrated me because some of the flavors I didn't like and then I wouldn't eat them (which was a waste of my money). I was also looking for a healthy and sweet alternative snack for myself and my toddler daughter.

I knew buying this at the grocery stores would be more expensive than online, so I checked Amazon and the Brothers All Natural website. Surprisingly, Brothers All Natural gave better deals than Amazon. For my order, I was able to choose 4 different flavors: Apple, Banana, Mandarin Oranges, Mixed Berries.

Fruits are freeze-dried
Contains 2 fruit servings (1/2 cup)
100% Fruit
No Preservatives
No Sugar Added
Gluten Free

They were all crisp, airy, and naturally sweet. None of them were dense or chewy (think of air/sun dried fruits). They all kept their shape unless you squished the package, then they turn into powder. The mandarine oranges and raspberries just dissolved in my mouth. My favorite fruits so far are mandarin oranges and bananas.

I enjoyed them all. On their website, there's more different flavors to choose from and special deals. My daughter enjoyed them, but I liked them more. I always have a few packages in my car in case I need a quick snack or craving something sweet. I highly recommend this for everyone, from kids to adults. It's a healthy alternative to junk food and if you're having a difficult time consuming 2 servings of fruits a day, this is the fastest and convenient way to do it. As a gastric bypass patient, this is a great alternative for me.

Brothers All Natural
Brothers International Food Corporation
1175 Lexington Ave
Rochester, NY 14606
Toll-Free: 1-877-842-7477
Local: 585-343-3007
Fax: 585-343-4218

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